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Who We Are

Law and sports has never been viewed as combinable, but all this has become possible through the formation of Sports Legal as an entity to merge both career and passion, into breaking barriers and achieve goals that many have thought to be impossible. Sports Legal is a business entity, founded by sports lovers and enthusiasts seeking to achieve a vision: ‘to grow into an outstanding organization that leverages the power of sports to promote inclusivity and progressive success for the society it serves’, by focusing on;

Our Objectives

  • To engage in the promotion of sports as a pillar of individual and societal identity, well-being and positive transformation
  • To consolidate Kenya’s sports legacy as a tool of cultivating peace and stability and as a necessary condition for development and prosperity.
  • To achieve robust economic engagement through sports in order to secure Kenya’s socio-economic development and prosperity.
  • To harness the diverse skills, expertise and potential of Kenyans living both in the country and in Diaspora.
  • To promote a favorable image and prestige of the Kenya’s sportsmen and women globally.
  • Support export promotion and investment by Kenyan sportsmen & women within the region and beyond.
  • Promote sports diplomacy by recognizing the role of Kenyan athletes and sportsmen and women.
  • To cooperate within National Sports Federations and agencies to promote sports and talent in the country, regionally and globally.
  • To form strategic partnership within county government, state and non-state actors including and not limited to the national and state governments, independent commissions and offices, the business community, civil society, religious society, educational institutions, workers, professional associations, through consultation to promote sports.
  • To use sports and recreation as a fundamental part of planning for and creating a sustainable community.
  • To develop a strategic partnership with all stakeholders in the sports fraternity with common interest and recreation.
  • To invest into new facilities and expand the existing ones to meet new demands.
  • To promote a socio-cultural well-being of communities through sports.
  • To provide new sporting opportunities for the young people and make their talents worthwhile.

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Sports Legal aims to be the go to organization for;

  • Sports and Disability

    • PLWDs leverage constitution (2010).
    • Providing adaptive sports opportunities for PLWDs to rehabilitate, develop independence, confidence and fitness through sports.
    • Create a borderless information era and for PWLDs to leverage the Constitution (2010).
    • Encourage East African Community to support sports for PLWDs.

  • Sports, Women & Youth

    • Raising visibility and increasing the impact of women’s sport.
    • Promotion of adverse athlete role models.
    • Accelerate gender equality and stimulate social change.
    • Shift the funding landscape for women’s sport.
    • Promote healthy development of children and the youth through sport.
    • Advocating for education of the youth through sport; social and emotional development.

  • Sports Governance and Policy

    • Rights (Sports Act).
    • Transparency.
    • Government perception.
    • Facilitate integration through sports in pursuit of National development and agenda.

  • Sports Law Services

    • Negotiating and drafting of contracts
    • Dispute resolution
    • Negotiating and documenting sponsorships & endorsements agreements
    • Evaluation and exploitation of commercial opportunities
    • Representation agreements (agency)
    • Protection of intellectual property rights
    • Participation contracts with sports federations and athletes
    • Risk management and compliance
    • Drafting and amending constitution and internal rules
    • Competition rules and technical matters
    • Representation in any disputes and disciplinary proceedings
    • Doping
    • Risk management, liabilities, waivers and disclaimers
    • Good corporate governance
    • Employment issues

  • Sports events and management

    • Organize, promote and stage events, tournaments and sporting activities in the Region.
    • Encourage, support and facilitate sporting activities and participation in events in communities within the Region.
    • Raise and employ funds for the purpose of promoting events and sporting activities.

Our Team

Khayran Noor


Khayran Noor is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, currently pursuing an LLM in International Sports Law. Khayran is mandated to operationalize the day to day functions of Sports Legal. Khayran is passionate about governance and policy in the field of sport, empowering women, youth and PLWDs.

Muhammad Suleiman

Business Development Consultant

Muhammad is a C level Business Development professional with over 10 years’ experience across the African Continent. He brings his network and knowledge of the business ecosystem in the region to the team. Muhammad has multi sector experience in Marketing, Film, Media, Real Estate, B2B and B2G engagements. Muhammad operates and manages his own corporate advisory and property services business that offers bespoke services to local and global clients.

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