Areas of Focus

Sports Legal aims to be the go to organization for;


Sports and Disability
PLWDs leverage constitution (2010).
Providing adaptive sports opportunities for PLWDs to rehabilitate, develop independence, confidence and fitness through sports.
Create a borderless information era and for PWLDs to leverage the Constitution (2010).
Encourage East African Community to support sports for PLWDs.


Sports, Women & Youth
Raising visibility and increasing the impact of women’s sport.
Promotion of adverse athlete role models.
Accelerate gender equality and stimulate social change.
Shift the funding landscape for women’s sport.
Promote healthy development of children and the youth through sport.
Advocating for education of the youth through sport; social and emotional development.


Sports events and management
Organize, promote and stage events, tournaments and sporting activities in the Region.
Encourage, support and facilitate sporting activities and participation in events in communities within the Region.
Raise and employ funds for the purpose of promoting events and sporting activities.
Raise and employ funds for the purpose of promoting events and sporting activities.


Sports Governance and Policy
Rights (Sports Act).
Government perception.
Facilitate integration through sports in pursuit of National development and agenda.


Sports Law Services
Negotiating and drafting of contracts
Dispute resolution
Negotiating and documenting sponsorships & endorsements agreements
Evaluation and exploitation of commercial opportunities
Representation agreements (agency)
Protection of intellectual property rights
Participation contracts with sports federations and athletes
Risk management and compliance
Drafting and amending constitution and internal rules
Competition rules and technical matters
Representation in any disputes and disciplinary proceedings
Risk management, liabilities, waivers and disclaimers
Good corporate governance
Employment issues